Feeling Anxious About Your Business? 16 Ways To Cope With Entrepreneurial Stress

Accept And Become Aware Of Your Stress

Stress, much like a task, has to be managed. It boils down to understanding and accepting that being stressed is part of the journey. That acceptance then leads to awareness, which should be turned into actionable tasks to manage it. Those tasks, however, have to fit the individual needs. It can be as simple as an hour walk or as elaborate as a combination of meditation and yoga. Awareness is key. – Kamyar ShahWorld Consulting Group

Originally published at https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2020/01/09/feeling-anxious-about-your-business-16-ways-to-cope-with-entrepreneurial-stress/#d20db0c615a3

by Kamyar Shah – Chief Marketing Officer