Business Consulting

Increase effectiveness and efficiency, independent evaluation of procedures, adding temporary project management capacities.

Management Consulting

Business strategy research and evaluation, strategic decision making support, scaling and growth research and implementation


Business Strategy Evaluation, Refinement, Implementation and Management, Human Resources Strategy and Human Capital Strategy

Operations Management

Talent evaluation and acquisition, Optimization of operational systems, processes, and policies, Implement and improve management reporting etc.

Business Development

Business Ideas / Brainstorming, Competitive Analysis, Feasibility Study, Business simulation, Business Process Audit, Business Process Streamlining etc.


Our Marketing services include Branding, Brand Message Development, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Advertising and more.

Social Media

We offer Social Media Competitive Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Planning, Community Building Strategy Development and more.

Public Relations

Our Public Relations services include Brand Development, Communications Strategy, Crisis Communication, Program Development and much more.

How To Treat Your Customers Like Humans: 13 Tips For Startups

Treat Them As You Would Like To Be Treated

Treat Them As You Would Like To Be Treated The best rule of thumb is to treat your client the way you would like to be treated. The size of the company is not relevant — a one-man shop or a national...

Don’t Panic

The single most important action should be understanding the reason behind the nosedive. Though it sounds elementary, it is surprising how many stakeholders jump to action without knowing what the proper...

Define Your Wants And Needs

Defining your wants and needs is by far the most significant step that should supersede any other. Without a clear outline of the "what, when, and how," every other action taken is either meaningless or...

Remember What You Can Control

The only true difference is the perception of the recipient. One can choose to utilize it or choose to take it personally. We have no control over how someone communicates or their motives. However, we...


The concept of an "agile leader" is an unfortunate subcategorization that is both vague and conceptually already covered in servant leadership. Agility, in terms of adaptability in decision making as...

Treat Your State Of Mind As a Symptom

A negative or positive state of mind is a symptom, not the cause, and should be treated as such. The underlying cause is a matter of world view. Do you choose to see failures as learning opportunities as...

Refine Skills And Practices

Stress in a productivity context is a moot point because it is a symptom of other issues, including time and task management skills, prioritization, and perception. Stress in this setting is almost...

Admit You Don’t Know, But Resolve To Find Out

Say it with me: "I don't know. I will get back to you on this." This particular phrase is the best friend of any true leader. It is an absurd assumption that someone knows it all. This is also a good way...

Overselling Yourself

One of the rather repeated mistakes in self-promotion is "overselling." Self-promotion is one of those propositions that fall in the "under-promise and over-deliver" category. Additionally, it is...
Want To Develop Internal Talent? 13 Strategies For Creating Your Future Leaders

Take A Long-Term View

Talent development is a matter of taking the long-term view with the matching resources and patience. Be it in education or the real-world, cultivating human capital in a dynamic and comprehensive way...

About Kamyar Shah

Business Consultant

Hiring a business consultant is a major decision in any business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many reasons why a business consultant should be deployed including increasing effectiveness and efficiency, independent evaluation of procedures, adding temporary project management capacities as well as facilitating scaling and growth.

I have been a consultant for many years and I offer services like Fractional COO, Fractional CMO, Business Consulting, Management Consulting, Strategy, Operations Management, Business Development, Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations and more.