Understanding Business Process Management

Are you looking to align your business’s processes with its overall strategy? Business process management is ultimately about delivering results and driving growth.

Let’s take a deep dive into what is business process management and how it impacts your business.

What Is Business Process Management?

  • In a nutshell, business process management is the practice and discovering and controlling a business’s processes
  • This is done in order to properly align them with its business goals
  • Business process management uses various methods to discover, model, measure, optimize, and automate business processes
  • It is also referred to as business improvement management
  • This highlights how this practice is about generating improvements within a business

What Are the Benefits of Business Process Management?

Effective business process management comes with a host of benefits. Let’s highlight some of these here.

Improves Business Agility

  • Every business must have the ability to react to change
  • By adopting business process management, businesses have the ability and speed to meet changes that demand a quick response

Increased Efficiency

  • Every business understands the value of making its process function more efficiently and smoothly
  • This is central to business process management
  • Practices are designed to pinpoint inefficiencies and eliminate slowdowns

Ensured Security and Compliance

  • A business that uses business process management has a better ability to create a workplace that is secure against threats
  • These threats include theft and fraud
  • It allows ensures that it is compliant with changing regulations

More Complete Visibility

  • Many business management processes use technology and software to check progress and success
  • This allows management to monitor the performance of business processes
  • This enables further adaptations that streamline business processes

Easier Transfer of Business Knowledge

  • A part of effective business process management is having a well-documented process map of each workflow
  • This avoids issues when there are changes in the workforce, such as employee retirement
  • What knowledge has been gained is not lost when changes, such as retirements, occur

Increased Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

  • The information that businesses receive through effective business process management activities allows for regular and ongoing improvements of their business model
  • It allows for process refinement and adaptation over time

Better Relationship with Customers

  • Business process management also allows businesses to optimize their processes in order to meet the customer’s demands in a better manner
  • This leads to a better relationship with customers

The Life Cycle of Business Process Management

Let’s break down the life cycle of business process management activities.


  • This encompasses the identification of existing processes with the design of new processes
  • The basic aim of this step is to ensure that a correct and efficient new management design is established


  • This step involves a lot of “What if?” scenarios
  • It takes the above design and introduced combinations of variables to determine how it might operate under different circumstances


  • This activity is largely about enacting the business process that has been designed and modeled
  • It may be done either manually or automatically
  • Many business process management activities today involve technology, driven by software


  • This stage involves the tracking of the individual process
  • This allows information on their state to be seen, tracked and understood
  • Problems that exist can be identified and corrected thanks to effective monitoring


  • Optimization is about identifying potential opportunities for improvements (such as cost savings) and applying them in the design of the process
  • As well as potential opportunities, it allows businesses to identify potential bottlenecks and create greater business value


  • Occasionally, processes become inefficient or overly complex
  • Business process re-engineering is an effective strategy here. It allows businesses to achieve the desired productivity and efficiency within their company

Getting the Most Out of Business Process Management

Are you looking to get the most out of business process management? Then partner with the experts in business development and consulting. Kamyar Shah offers a host of services that help businesses reach new heights.

Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to working with you and helping your business grow.



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