Whether you’re the owner of a well-established business looking to explore new avenues, or you’re just starting out, you would have heard about business consultants. But what do they actually do for businesses and would you benefit from hiring one? Read our quick guide to find out.

What is a Business Consultant?

A business consultant is a professional that works with managers, directors, and business owners to improve operations and efficiency to help improve, grow, or maintain a company. They are trained and qualified to offer professional business advice and look at many aspects of the business to get a full picture.

Benefits of a Business Consultant

Another Perspective

A business consultant provides an outsider perspective of your business from someone who will be objective and honest with a keen eye for detail. They have a fresh mind and viewpoint, allowing them to see things that business owners might not.


Business consultants help find weak areas in your spending and provide creative solutions. They pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your company that you might have become blind to over time.

Experience and Resources

Your new business consultant can bring with them a network of resources and knowledge they have formed during different projects. They can use the expertise they gain from other industries and adapt them to your business.

Research and Development

Business consultants can help increase sales by researching your desired client and creating a targeted marketing plan to attract them. They will help to develop campaigns and plans more quickly and clearly and then help you implement them.

What Does a Business Consultant Do?

  • A business consultant identifies obstacles preventing growth or efficiency
  • ‌They determine required changes and help to implement them
  • These can include analyzing budgets, suggesting adjustments, and putting them in place
  • A business consultant brings fresh ideas and assists in business generation and planning
  • This can involve locating new providers and partners
  • Part of their role is to provide training and resources to staff and management
  • They also assess, hire, and fire staff, if necessary

Types of Business Consultants

  • Strategy and management consultants help you scale, acquire new opportunities and drive revenue
  • Operations consultants help business owners improve the quality of their day-to-day processes
  • Financial consultants can show you the wider scope of the financial health of your business
  • Human resources consultants take over the day-to-day HR tasks and performance management
  • Marketing consultants identify their strengths as a brand and expand upon them to create brand awareness and exposure

Business Consulting Process

  1. Breaking the ice- You test the consultant to see if they are right for the project by telling them what you need and listening to some example solutions
  2. Research- the consultant investigates your company and discusses a plan of action
  3. Implementation- you and the consultant implement the plan review results and discuss feedback
  4. Solutions- you go with what works and put the solutions into action with the consultant there for support and alterations
  5. Evaluation- the results of the plan and solutions are reviewed and you decide whether to continue with the consultant’s efforts with a new contract or say goodbye

What Tools Do Business Consultants Use?

  • Project management tools help track a project’s progress and keep projects organized
  • Proposal software for templates and professional structure to your proposals
  • CRM software to keep track of client information and interactions, share files, and track progress
  • Cloud Automation Software to streamline your workflow and simplify your days by integrating your current apps into a cloud platform
  • A time-tracking tool is essential to keep up with billable hours because consultants usually charge by the hour

What Businesses Use Business Consultants?

  • Startups can use consultants to complete planning and get a strong start
  • ‌Businesses that have been around for a while can benefit from a fresh perspective
  • ‌Companies starting new campaigns can benefit from a consultant’s research and expertise
  • ‌Businesses focused on growth can utilize a business consultant’s strategic skills
  • ‌Organizations that are not meeting their financial goals can hire a consultant to dig into their accounting
  • ‌Companies adding a new department can get help planning, setting up, and staffing that department

When to Hire a Business Consultant

It’s time to hire a business consultant if you need a hand with core business processes and operations, or if there’s a lack of in-house resources to conduct tasks properly. Business consultants help companies overcome challenges, increase revenue or grow. They have unique experience and knowledge that can help businesses reach their goals.


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