Lead validation is the key ingredient of online lead generation marketing, and yet hardly any organisations do it. How can this be?

First, most companies don’t know what lead validation is. In the presentation below, you’ll learn all about it — and get a big edge on your competition as a result.

Lead validation is the manual process of separating sales leads from non-lead conversions (form submissions and phone calls), which enables you to know the marketing source (SEO, PPC, etc.) for each sales lead.

This is important because about HALF of all website conversions are NOT sales leads. If you base campaign testing on precise lead data rather than hazy conversion data, your SEO, PPC and other lead generation marketing programs will improve far more rapidly.

Read the presentation now for a complete understanding of lead validation:

Aaron Wittersheim is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years of business and technology experience. He is currently Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, a Chicago-based Internet marketing company.