Business Consultant – Operations and Marketing Executive with deep management experience driving stakeholder value in large and small corporations, rapid growth industries and distressed / turnaround organizations. Strategic leader with 12+ years of remote and on location operations management experience and marketing. Adapt at problem solving at every level while reducing cost via knowledge management and QA to achieve organizational coherence and increase profitability.

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Michael T. Scanlon, Jr.
President & CEO [Emeritus] and now Executive Director of the Self Storage Institute

It was a pleasure working with Kamyar on our online marketing and content strategy project. During his multiyear engagement Kamyar Shah guided our board of directors through series of decisions and frame works to help us determine the most effective road map both in terms of cost and long term planning. He was professional, reliable and a team player.

Kamyar has the ability to unite both internal and external audiences and stakeholders during his time on our team. His ability to speak to all levels of expertise, which is required in a national association environment enabled him to move toward final goals while enabling all stakeholders to have full confidence in him and the oval organizational goals.

Kamyar leadership’s skills and expert knowledge in marketing and operations provides a unique combination that paved the way for great success. His methodology and technical knowledge enables him to be a hands-on leader that is not afraid to be involved in all aspect of project management ranging from most minute details to overall success measurements.

There is no doubt in my mind that Kamyar is willing and able to meet any challenge presented to him. His thirst for knowledge, his desire for personal and team success, his relentless and selfless desire to assist everyone combined with his hard work sets a great example for everyone in the organization.

I recommend Kamyar Shah for any leadership position both in Marketing and Operations without any reservations.

Jan 29, 2015, Michael was a consultant or contractor to Kamyar at Self Employed

Bryan Thompson
International Business Development Executive

Kamyar is a skilled at finding unique solutions to complex problems. The world of social media is constantly changing and his expertise allowed us to navigate through complex algorithms to arrive at our desired marketing goals. Outstanding work.

September 7, 2016, Bryan was Kamyar’s client

Johanna Kimball
Tax and Financial Consultant

Kamyar brings strong leadership on the operational side of a growing business.

He has the skills to guide a high-functioning team thru the day-in, day-out processes require in execution of short term and long term goals.

Kamyar can drive your business to the next level by streamlining operations and personnel with laser focus and efficiency.

May 3, 2016, Johanna worked directly with Kamyar at ADS Auto Marketing

Amber Turrill
Independent Marketing Consultant at AmberTurrill.com

Kamyar gets it done. Full stop. I just don’t know any other way to describe him, the work he does or the ways he changes organizations. He can take something that is a chaos and make sense out of it, then distribute that sense down through the ranks to everyone else.

If you’re considering Kamyar for a relationship with your company or in your own career, I would encourage you to talk with him today. Don’t wait. The relief, the expertise, the organizational skills and the structure he provides change organizations from the ground up.

March 10, 2016, Amber worked directly with Kamyar at KamyarShah.com

Don Dalrymple
Executive Business Coach to Business Owners

Growing businesses need operational leadership and Kamyar is such a leader. He has the instincts and managerial skills to move a team and its personalities along to the high level goals from the day-in, day-out processes require in execution.

Kamyar has the ability to converse and deal with the directness relative to executive conversations and distill the strategic vision down to those responsible for getting the job done. He is patient, persistent and purposeful in his approach.

If you are an organization that has the common challenge of aligning your people and processes, Kamyar is the person that can move your business to the next level by eliminating chaos and creating predictability and accountability.

March 10, 2016, Don was a consultant or contractor to Kamyar at KamyarShah.com

Timothy Dietz, CAE
President and Chief Executive Officer at Self Storage Association (SSA) – USA

Kamyar is an experienced marketing professional with exceptional depth in online marketing, operations management and human resources. His story is one of hard work and extreme discipline in growing businesses and representing the true meaning of organizational leadership.

With a proactive nature and attention to detail, his high standards enable him to deliver on-time, on-budget and according to specs. He is a seasoned executive who knows the Internet sector and new media exceptionally well. With a tremendous insight and vision into developing sectors, his specialty in Internet marketing, advertising and search optimization provides a rare package.

Kamyar has a very dynamic and creative presence while also providing a level of comfort that comes with sincerity and business acumen when interacting with clients. It is a pleasure to recommend Kamyar Shah to any forward-thinking organization that seeks unique, consistent leadership. Your endeavors will certainly benefit from his contributions.

February 19, 2015, Timothy was with another company when working with Kamyar at KamyarShah.com

Derek Knights
SVP Finance and Administration

During his multi-year engagement with the Self Storage Association, as an Independent Consultant,

Kamyar has proven to be an invaluable asset in virtually all required phases of marketing operations, ranging from extensive pre planning, platform testing and evaluation, short term and long term planning as well as overall project and operation management.

Kamyar has been an invaluable leader in SSA marketing operation strategy planning, implementation and quality assurance.

His interaction with our board of directors was incredibly effective and valuable in all stages of our projects.

His dedication to leadership principals in all aspects of his work including team management, consensus building, team performance and organizational coherence is the highest standards of professionalism and personal dedication.

I would be pleased to recommend Mr. Shah in marketing and operational leadership roles without hesitation.

November 18, 2014, Derek was a consultant or contractor to Kamyar at KamyarShah.com

Mitchell Danzis
President at Storage Station

In my 20 plus years owning and managing real estate I’ve had the opportunity to hire individuals from different professions. Kamyar Shah’s performance has been among the best. Not only have I been impressed with his results but I’ve also been surprised in how many areas that he’s knowledgeable.

I first engaged Kamyar to overhaul our on-line presence. While his fees far exceeded what we had been spending, based on his explanation, I felt confident that he could provide not only the results I was seeking for SEO/SEM but his depth of knowledge and skill would actually give the lasting results I needed. I was not disappointed. Our rankings improved and have been maintained over a multi year period.Flowing from SEO/SEM project was the integration of Social Media into our efforts. Prior to this I had little knowledge of the importance of social media to on-line recognition. Whether it’s been the ever changing use of blogging, Facebook, Twitter etc. he always seems to know when it’s time to add or subtract to the equation. The final piece of this project was to help evaluate our non-elctronic media investments and adjust advertising dollars where appropriate.

In addition to the above, I had the need to hire Kamyar to aid in a HR revamp. As the complexity our our core business had grown, the need to find different employees emerged. Kamyar was most helping in researching proper sources of advertising, sorting through in excess of one thousand resumes, attending some targeted interviews and advising throughout the entire restaffing process. Once completed, I had Kamyar develop an internet based internal forum. It has been an invaluable tool and is now the primary source of intracompany communication.

Throughout the years of doing work for us Kamyar has been a major asset and benefit to our organization.

August 13, 2013, Mitchell was Kamyar’s client

Sarah Little-Chittum
Director of Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media

Kamyar delivered big results in our online marketing performance and shared his knowledge with our team. He brought innovative, new ideas to the table and applied them in practical ways that aligned with our company’s resources.

August 14, 2013, Sarah was Kamyar’s client

Tron Jordheim- Self Storage and Marketing Guy
Biz Dev. RHW Capital – Store Here Mgmt Svc, Call Ctr. Self-Storage icon you should know. Consultant, Keynote Speaker.

Kamyar did a great job helping us make some big changes in how we marketed and ran our sales lead generation process. He was always frank and open and always had our best interest in mind.

August 12, 2013, Tron was Kamyar’s client

Chad Brooks
Marketing and Strategy Consultant at Chad Brooks

Kamyar is relentless and he has a knack for the details and the people. He has a tremendous band-width and the cycles he works through with people are an extremely valuable resource to any business.

June 1, 2016, Chad managed Kamyar at ADS Auto Marketing